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ws-37403-7 PlayStation 4 error code

What if you run into errors when you switch on your gaming console? That’s what happened previously.  PS4 users faced error WS-37403-7 when they switched on their consoles. No one knows what the error exactly was but users were having some severe login issues, or they were not able to play games, or it just showed that they were not a PlayStation plus membership holder.
Playing games is part of your life and the only way to remove stress and get some relaxation from our work life. Playing it on a large screen with a large gaming console is what everyone wants. Sony has done that and introduced PS4 for massive gamers who would like to invest and play massive games at better graphics, and people are also really interested. 
Let’s talk about this now.
What is ERROR WS-37403-7 in PS4?
No one knows what does this error means, but when people turned on their PS, they were not able to login to their accounts. For ordinary people, it was ok as they could do other works rather than waiting for the issue to solve, but the streamers faced the real difficulty as they were not able to stream through their PS.
You can post a request on the PlayStation help page: https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/get-help/#!/error-code/
This error might be any one of these:
  1. Login issues.
  2. Unable to open installed apps.
  3. Unable to stream games.
  4. Can’t access content on your PS.
  5. Not able to redeem codes, browse or download any apps.
  6. Not able to play music.
What did Sony do to solve this error?
Earlier Sony acknowledged the issue and also did a tweet about the issue saying they are working on this global issue. You need to wait for few hours as Sony understood the problem and solves it within no time. Earlier, also when users faced some similar issues, it silently acknowledged the issue and solved it rather than making propaganda.

What should you do to solve this error?

You need not do anything rather than wait for the issue to get resolved by its own as Sony is working on it. If you are an average gamer, you can complete your daily tasks rather than waiting for the PS to go online. If you are a gamer and want to stream you can choose to stream other games till PS gets online.
Also, Sony has told its users to keep a look on PlayStation Network and play stations official twitter handle to check if the issue is solved or not.


Twitter experienced mixed reactions from people as they were bit frustrated and showed their anger on Sony because they faced similar issues 3-4 times a year. Some of them were happy as the games distracted them; they could complete their work and get on to it when the service resumes.

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